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I have been a Porcelain Painter for over 30 years.   I discovered porcelain painting as a result of trying to find a better medium for painting subjects for jewelry settings.

I had been using acrylic paint on porcelain blanks and cabacons.   This involved painting scenery, flowers, animals, etc. on the object and then coating the object with resin to protect it from peeling and chipping.   It was a messy, laborous job, which required removal of the resin "drips" and often made the object too large for the setting because of the additional layer of resin coating.   And, even with the resin coating, the painting could easily be scratched.   By painting the porcelain blanks with china paint, and firing them in a kiln, I had a permanent surface and a much more delicate painting with no additional thickness.

Later, I branched out into painting of larger objects: vases, bowls, platters, tiles, etc.

About 15 years ago, I added luster painting to my porcelain painting skills.

In 2000, I moved to the big island of Hawaii.   Later that year, I started watercolor painting.   I continue to paint on porcelain and, about 6 years ago, began teaching porcelain painting.

In January, 2001, I bought a home in Kona Paradise, which had a gorgeous view of the whole shoreline, north and south from my house.   I sold my Kona Paradise home in October of 2003 and bought a large house in Captain Cook, that had an "Ohana" (separate living unit) downstairs.  I now use the downstairs unit as my art studio.  I teach classes in china painting each Thursday and Saturday morning in my studio.

In both porcelain and watercolor painting, my specialty is painting animals (my favorite is the tiger and other big cats) and portraits of pets and people.   I also like to paint the tropical florals and plants of Hawaii.  I generally use my own photos as a source of my paintings.

My cat, Dancer is another favorite subject for my watercolor paintings.

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